Missions is the heartbeat of our church. Whether it's the mission field that we live in here in the Quad Cities or somewhere in the US or around the world, we have been called to make a difference. Our mission is this...Reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. We do that in many ways:

  1. Here in the Quad Cities we are raising up a people that are not content to just live life, but to live life with a purpose. Sharing the Gospel, meeting practical needs through our food pantry, serving our community and schools, outreaches or feeding the homeless, there are many ways we are bringing the Gospel to our area.
  2. Maps Trips: Maps trips are short term missions trips focused on meeting practical needs. Whether it's rebuilding in New Orleans and Mississippi or taking a team to Kansas City to do work on a Teen Challenge Girls Home we are making a difference.
  3. Missions Trips: In the past we have been to Russia, Nigeria, Ireland, Spain, Jamaica, France, Bolivia, and El Salvador. Our teams go and work with our missionaries that are in country. We have been able to rebuild schools, churches, homes and Bible Colleges along with preaching and teaching in various places. Outreach and Evangelism are keys for us.
Come along and join us in one of the various ways we can serve and share the good news of Jesus Christ.