Assemblies of God Holy Land Tour
February 11     .     24, 2018 (time not set)

February 11th - 24th, 2018

$400 Deposit Due August 14th

Cost is Approximately $4200.

Contact Pastor Patrick before registering for other details.

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ASSEMBLIES OF GOD HOLY LAND TOUR WITH DR. JAMES T. BRADFORD Tour Details | Upcoming | Study Tours | Center for Holy Lands Studies

Join Dr. James T. Bradford, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God (USA), along with other leaders and churches from across the U.S. for the trip of a lifetime as we explore the Holy Land together. 

This unique trip will take you on a journey in the footsteps of the patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets as well as Jesus and the early church. There is nothing like experiencing the tangible reality of the biblical events firsthand and discovering that these stories actually occurred in real places, at real times, and with real people.